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How IT Can Help Cash-Strapped Government Agencies Better Serve the Public for Less

Government agencies are in fiscal trauma right now. Billions of dollars over budget, many states are taking drastic measures to cut costs. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and CTO Aneesh Chopra are aggressively pursuing software as a service and cloud computing as one way to cut costs, and the state of Utah is planning a private cloud to serve local agencies.

Governments are also building next-generation web sites to deliver a variety of services online. According to Government Technology, provides more than 860 online state government services. New features on its wonderfully designed website include location awareness, a new multimedia portal, Web 2.0 services, a data portal, forms search capabilities, and mobile applications.

The following presentation, which I gave at the annual conference of the South Carolina IT Directors' Association last week, evaluates the current challenges of government agencies to provide services in a new way while continuing to cut costs. IT can definitely help.

To view this presentation with the speaker's notes, go to my page on Slideshare.

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