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Joining MIT Sloan Management Review

I'm thrilled to be joining MIT Sloan Management Review as its next editor in chief. It's one of a very few media brands offering world-class research and insight into how digitization is transforming our world while also providing leaders with practical guidance to put these powerful new ideas to work. If you’re not already familiar with MIT SMR or if it’s been a while, please do check us out and follow us on LinkedIn - we'd love to include you in our community.

I'll be shutting down Lundberg Media. Over the past 12 years, I've worked on so many great projects with such smart and interesting people. I've had an amazing career so far, and I'm incredibly excited for what comes next and to be an editor again.

I'll leave this site up for a while because it has links to some really great content. But from here out, Lundberg Media is closed for business. 

Warm regards, Abbie